Too Much Activated Charcoal Can Have An Adverse Effect On Birth Control

Activated charcoal is a huge trend right now.  People are using it brush their teeth, to supplement detox diets, and its often used to turn foods to a very rich and dark shade of black.

If you partake in the activated charcoal trend, you might want to cut back on your dosage, because new research shows that too much activated charcoal can have an adverse effect on your birth control.  Gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, MD, confirmed to Insider that “The whole purpose of activated charcoal in the medical world is to prevent absorption of medications or drugs in order to prevent toxicity.”  Physician Linda Fan echoed Dr. Dweck’s statements saying, “It will absorb anything in your gut, good and bad.”

Small amounts of charcoal will not fortunately have no effect on your body.

Via Business Insider


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