Asahd Khaled Finally Cries In Public, And Justin Bieber Makes Him Do It

DJ Khaled’s son Asahd is the hardest-working, most successful four-month-old of all time.

He’s already an executive producer, having worked on his father’s massive summer hit “I’m The One.”  Basically, he’s lived a whole life in just a matter of months.

Up until this point though, we have never seen young Asahd cry.  With as many Instagram and Snapchat posts DJ Khaled puts out, we figured we were bound to see Asahd shed a tear every now and then, as most four-months-old tend to do.

Not Asahd, though.

Until he met Justin Bieber that is.

On the set of “I’m The One,” Khaled attempted to introduce his son to Biebs, and Asahd absolutely wasn’t having it.

We don’t think the legend of Asahd will be effected by his cute little baby tears, though.

Via Buzzfeed


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