#LoveWins in Germany

Another country has voted yes in the same-sex marriage debate, said in an article on abcnews.com.

German lawmakers went on a emotional debate where it ended up with a 393 in favor to 226 against for same-sex marriage.

Though, remember this, Chancellor Angela Merkel was against of same-sex marriage, but the 393 who voted in favor, including some from her party, said that they voted because it was on the “conscience”.

Though, they didn’t have an open voting, so what Chancellor Merkel did was called for an individual vote in which it came out in favor. In 2001, same-sex couples could receive their marriage licenses but didn’t get the marriage rights, which includes the ability to adopt children.

Now since it has voted in favor, it’ll now go through the Parliament, then signed off by the president. German lawmakers aren’t sure if she wanted this quick vote to avoid the next topic of same-sex adoption?

Well, for now, love has won in Germany and will be effect into law once it passes through the rest of the system!


-Marco A. Salinas


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