Madison Beer Breaks Silence After Jack Gilinsky’s Insults

The 18-year-old singer, Madison Beer, breaks her silence after hearing an audio file of Jack Gilinsky’s insults towards her, said in an article on

When Madison and Jack were together, she was afraid of speaking up after Jack called her a “f**king slut*, because she was “blinded by love”.

The 20-year-old singer Jack apologized about his insult towards her and says that he will always love and care for her. Beer took to Twitter on July 4th telling her supporting fans and asking why she dated him and her simple answer was she wanted to fix him because if he dates someone else, she is afraid that he might do it again to the next girl.

She also gave advice for both men and women about the situation. She says, “If someone is mistreating you in ANY way please speak up,” she said. “It is NEVER okay and I was blinded by love and much too afraid to come out and saying anything in fear I would be broken up with/not taken seriously by someone I told. SPEAK UP. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, your safety is never worth it.”


-Marco A. Salinas


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