“Run The Rock 2020” Has Officially Been Filed With The FEC As A Presidential Campaign Committee

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is running for President of the United States in 2020. Now, whether of not he knows it, is unclear.

Allow us to explain…

For starters, earlier in the year, The Rock mentioned in an interview that there was a real possibility that he may run for President. He even made jokes about it while hosting Saturday Night Live. Well, as of yesterday, there has been an official filing for a campaign committee called “Run the Rock 2020.”

A man named Kenton Tilford is the one whole filed forĀ  it. However there is a catch. No one really knows what this guy’s reasoning behind the filing is or his connection to The Rock.

As for The Rock, he hasn’t come forward on the issue. He hasn’t mentioned any connection with this Tilford guy, nor has he discussed “Run the Rock 2020.” But he did post a very interesting Instagram comment attached to a video. It’s mentions a documentary, but it it could be construed as if he has something new and big on the horizon…perhaps a political campaign.

Warning! The Rock’s post contains strong language.

I know saying "Fuck that" isn't the most eloquent of terms but it's the most direct way I am when it comes to being told I can't accomplish something. When I was cut from the Canadian Football League and wanted to start training to become a pro-wrestler, I was told these words (literally), "You have nothing to offer the wrestling business stick with football". Years later here I am. When my goal was to transition from wrestling to film I was told.. "You'll make two or three movies tops, then your career will fizzle out". Years later here I am. I could've listened to the cynics and doubted myself, but instead I went with what I trust most – my gut and my own two hands. If you feel something deep in your bones you need to accomplish… you gotta say fuck that and go for it. Check out one of the best docs I've seen in a long time – tonight at 9pm on @HBO. #DefiantOnes

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We can get behind The Rock for President!


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