Charlie Puth Claims Liam Payne Stole His Hoodie Backstage At A Show

The bromance between Charlie Puth and Liam Payne is undeniable.  They’ve collaborated on new music, constantly text and tweet one another, and Liam even gave Charlie a homemade shirt adorned with his face.

Liam in the video says something about a hoodie, and now, we know the full story of why Charlie was gifted the shirt.  Charlie revealed in an interview that he and Liam were both backstage at a concert, when Liam asked if he could borrow a hoodie to go to a club later that night.

That hoodie was never seen again.

Charlie told MTV, “He stole my hoodie because he was going to the club one night said do you want to go? I’m like not really and he was like do you mind if I borrow a hoodie?  To be a bit incognito I guess.  It’s a really nice hoodie, it’s cashmere and I just never got it back.  I think he probably lost it.”

Puth also revealed that Liam might not be the safest of drivers, either.  “He has a bad habit of FaceTiming me when I drive.”

Via Williston Herald


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