Louis Tomlinson Calls Dressing Down From Simon “Really Constructive” In Interview With Tanner Kloven

Tanner Kloven sat down with Louis Tomlinson. In the interview they talked his collaboration with Bebe Rexha and Steve Aoki, when we can expect his next album, Louis’ acting experience, the story about his ‘dressing down’ from Simon Cowell, His One Direction band mates, and more.

The interview started off with Louis’ recent collaboration with Bebe Rexha. “She’s [Bebe Rexha] full of energy, but also an amazing talent. An amazing singer,” Louis said. “Once we had the song we realized that it definitely  leaned to having a female on there to kind of drive home the emotion. And I think she just absolutely smashed it.”

Adding, “And it’s just really fun to be on stage with her actually.”

The conversation turned to Louis collaboration with Steve Aoki on ‘Just Hold On’.”I think the Steve [Aoki] song kind of sits on it’s own to be honest. It was kind of nice for me to be able to not stay married to pop, and kind of venture outside of that. So that was fun for me. Opened opportunists to play festivals that maybe I wouldn’t have played before. So that’s really fun,” Louis said. “I built up a great relationship with Steve and it seemed kind of the natural re-entry to the market for me.”

“But the album itself is a little more personal and intimate,” He continued.

Louis is currently working on a new album. So when can we expect that album?”It’s difficult because I know I’m going to be in a position where the album may well be finished in the next couple of months. But I want to be in a position where I have enough time to really live with it, and listen though a thousand times,” he said. Adding, “If I’m being realistic it will probably be the start of next year.”

Harry Styles was in ‘Dunkirk’ and Louis is rumored to have a acting background. However, the singer doesn’t see himself that way. “I went to a couple of acting classes…I got into through me younger sisters, me twin sisters. They often used to do a bit of filming cause they use identical twins for filming, so they get double the time to film with cause they look the same. So I started tagging along with  them and helping my mom out with them. And before you knew it my mom was hustling me onto set,” Louis answered.

“But I’m telling you know I’m no actor,” He added.

Recently a story broke about Simon Cowell flying Louis out to LA to “Dress Him Down”. “It was always kind of going to happen. It was one of those things. Look I was 18 when I first joined the band, and 18 is when you can first obviously start drinking in England. So your in a very naive juvenile head space, and all of a sudden you’ve got a little bit of power. So I was at that stage in me life when it was really exciting to party and to be drinking. I just didn’t realize that the two lives don’t really coincide. And I made a mistake…I definitely had too much to drink, Louis said.

He concluded, “But actually looking back in hindsight that was actually the start of me really building my relationship with Simon. And I really listened to him. And it was really constructive for me. I really needed someone to say, “Listen, watch yourself.”

The two also talked about the craziest fan moment Louis has ever experienced, his other former One Direction band mate’s singles, which one of the guys is the dirtiest, who cares the most about their looks, and more. Watch the complete interview above.


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