American Tourist Witnesses Barcelona Attack First Hand. “I Can’t Unsee the Screams and Terror”

Yesterday’s attack in Barcelona took thirteen lives. American tourist, Jordan Fisher, was enjoying a relaxing lunch at a restaurant with her girlfriend when the attack happened. She stated later to People, “I was looking at the menu to order and I looked up and saw two cops run down an alley,” Fisher recalls. “I thought nothing of it until I looked up again and there were hundreds of people flooding the tiny area we were in.”

Her and many others took shelter inside of a small ice cream shop for more than seven hours until authorities came. “The whole city was silent and empty. There were no taxis or anything,” she says, “…Every few steps we walked we would see another body.” She said that her and her girlfriend, Maria Corona, were both physically okay but not emotionally okay.

Update.. still inside the ice cream shop right outside of the terrorist attack in Barcelona.. we can count 8 bodies just outside the shop.. Maria and I are both okay physically.. many people in here lost their children and significant others.. I'm so worried for those lost and hurt children.. please send all your thoughts to everyone here! We were less than a block away from the attack when we saw hundreds of people running towards us, it was either run or get run over by everyone which I did unfortunately see.. There is a resturant nearby with armed men and hostages, and a man on the loose that was driving the van that drove through this street and started plowing through people at high speeds and a man inside this ice cream shop said he saw the guy flee the van with a bomb in his hand #terroristattack #barcelona #barcelonaattackers #laramblas

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by this horrible terrorist attack.


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