Kim And Kanye Once Sang Karaoke With Barack Obama

Kim Kardashian isn’t a Karaoke enthusiast like some of us might be, although she has a pretty cool story about the only time she’s hit the stage to perform.

Not only was she joined by husband Kanye West, but for her ONLY karaoke performance EVER, Kim and Kanye were flanked by the former Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama.


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Kim told the Hollywood Reporter, “I’ve done karaoke one time.  I could never sing, but it was so cool.  It was with Obama, Kanye, and like, maybe 15 people.”

You know, just casually mentioning doing karaoke with Barack Obama like it’s no big deal; just another day in the life of Kim K!  Unfortunately, she didn’t give any other details about the performance, including what song the trio sang, so it’s all up to our imaginations!

Check out Kim’s full interview with The Hollywood Reporter HERE!

Via The Hill


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