Director, Producer Of 1994’s ‘The Lion King’s’ Secret Revealed

The director of The Lion King says that Mufasa and Scar are NOT related!

According to Fox News, during an interview with the director and the producer of the classic film says they can’t be related because they don’t operate like that.

As you remembered, when Scar kills Mufasa, leaving Simba without a father, we all got angry and mad since Scar killed him, but that’s actually what they’re supposed to do.

“The way lions operate in the wild… when the male lion gets old, another rogue lion comes and kills the head of the pride. What that does is it causes the female lions to go into heat [to reproduce], and then the new younger lion kills the king and then he kills all the babies. Now he’s the new lion that’s running the pride.”

The remake of The Lion King is set to come out Summer of 2019.


-Marco A. Salinas


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