Sybil And Luckey Podcast: Episode 5- 08.30.17

Sybil Summers and Alex Luckey are part of Fast in the Morning on AMP 103.7. Sybil is a 14-year-old boy dressed as a 30-something woman. She loves dogs and reality TV.  Luckey can count to 100 blindfolded and was TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 32 B.C.

This is show number five of Leftovers with Sybil and Luckey. We basically dig deeper into topics from that morning’s radio show, hence… the leftovers. Today, we delivered the news of who will be the next Bachelor (SPOILER ALERT). We also ranked our Fantasy Five (aka: celebrity hall passes), and we made fun of some guy who faked an attack on himself. Plus, Sybil made Luckey snort with a Nicki Minaj impression.

To hear our last podcast, click here.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Want more of something? Perhaps less? Have some suggestions? Got an idea for a bit? Wanna see Luckey’s perks? Let us know.

Sybil and Luckey are on Fast In The Morning 5:30-10am CT on AMP 103.7.  You can reach Sybil on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram and Luckey on Twitter or Instagram.

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