Texas New Laws Taking Effect Sept 1

We have some new laws that are coming our way after Sept 1st and here are a few most well known…

Keep in mind that a judge temporarily banned the sanctuary cities bill and banned the second-trimester abortion

Texting while Driving Ban
It speaks for itself, you cannot text, email or anything that has to do with your smartphone while driving. People who are caught will be fined between $25-$99 for the first offense.

Public schools in Texas will have a grace period for students who don’t have the money to pay for school lunches. Schools are required to notify parents about the student’s low balance. Before, schools gave cold sandwiches for students who couldn’t afford it.

Attacking Police will now be a Hate-Crime
If a citizen attacks the police in any way, it will be considered a hate crime. Will be charged from a misdemeanor to felony if convicted.

Handgun License Fee Will Be Cut
Instead of paying $140, it will now be $40 to get a handgun license. Texas will now have the lowest fee in the country.

Concealed Carry Now at Community Colleges
Just like public universities, community colleges now has the option to open carry on campus. See your local community college for more info

Open Carry Swords
Yes, you can now carry anything from machetes to knives with blades of more than 5.5in.

To read the full article click here and to see the other laws, click here.


Marco A. Salinas


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