Ed Sheeran Receives A Personal Invitation To Visit Japan’s Cat Island

The entire island of Ainoshima in Japan is 100% devoted to cats.

As you get upset that it’s taken this long for you to realize about this island, and make plans immediately to visit, the island posted a video online personally inviting Ed Sheeran to visit the island as he sets out on a world tour.

The invitation reads as follows:

Did you know that there is a cat Island in Japan?  It’s called Ainoshima.  It’s a tiny, tiny island and the size can’t even be compared to Ireland!  The cats are care-free and full of life.  At times they fight and yet have so much love for one another.  They are enjoying life while being surrounded by the beautiful sea and mountains.  We would love for you to visit our island.  Over 100 cats are eagerly waiting for you!

P.S. The cats love their afternoon naps!  We recommend visiting the island during the mornings or evenings.

We don’t know how anyone could pass up this invitation, especially Sheeran!

Via Refinery 29


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