Meet Japan’s Coca-Cola Coffee Plus

It’s been officially reported that coffee Coke exists and in only one country.  Where?  Japan.  Where else would something this crazy be sold?

Let’s go over some of the stats on this crazy concoction:

  1. Each can is 190 ml (a regular-sized can is 355 ml).
  2. Each can has 34 mg of caffeine (a regular-sized can has 34 mg (!) of caffeine).
  3. Each can has 42 calories (a regular-sized can has 140 calories).
  4. “It is not a very tasty fragrance,” Shin-Shouhin reports.
  5. Four Loko was banned in 2014 for being a bad idea. Let’s convene at a later date and see how Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is going.

There’s no news if Coca-Cola plans on releasing it here in the States.  So we wouldn’t get your hopes up anytime soon.

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