Sybil’s Weekend Wrap-Up: 09.25.17

If you listen to Fast in the Morning, you might already know the random situations we find ourselves in on a regular basis. Sometimes crazy, sometimes scary, sometimes embarrassing, and almost always fun. On Mondays, let’s re-live it together with my new blog: Weekend Wrap-Up.



Randi, our midday DJ, comes in around 9am every day and she and I bug Nathan and Luckey by talking about girl shizz (make-up and whatnot). Today, she was rifling through her purse and pulled out a rubber duck. WTD? So, I Tweeted a pic and asked listeners why she had this and got some hilarious responses.

“That’s where she keeps her bills.”

“She’s on quack.”

“Because she obviously still has ducks to give.”

“To keep the real duck company.”

“A giraffe wouldn’t fit.”

Ahhh, I love our listeners. It did inspire a new game I think we should play, though, called What’s in Randi’s Purse?  She also happened to have two fidget spinners (one lit up while in motion), an Arkansas hotel room key, one sock, a thong, etc. She cray.

Around 9:30am, I got a text from my dance instructor that he had to reschedule our 11am rehearsal. It’s for a local DWTS– style charity competition I’m doing called A Night in Monte Carlo. I was instantly relieved. I get absolutely ecstatic when someone cancels plans with me. Otherwise, I have to either come up with an excuse or grudgingly follow through and then be grumbly about it the whole time.

Later, I chatted on the phone with my sister, and she said she was getting a tattoo covered up. I asked if it was the tramp stamp she got– that I had ratted out to our parents when I was a 19-yo brat– but she said it was a different one. Naturally curious, I probed further, “Wait, you have another tattoo?” Turns out, she has eight … and she’s never even told me. EIGHT!!!

That night, I went to our live broadcast at Blue Martini. I interrupted a cozy couple to give them free shirts, and the guy made me feel like I was c***-blocking him. Unknowingly, I actually was. They were on a first date after meeting on Tinder! So, just to make it even more uncomfortable, I said, “Awww, now y’all can tell this story at your wedding… about that annoying girl from AMP 103.7 who intruded on your first night together.” LOL. They were good sports. Good luck to ya, Roslyn and Lamont. Feel free to name your firstborn after me. Also shoutout to our girl Stephanie who was there and told me that she listens on the daily!



Woke up for work Saturday morning, and guess what, guys? … The world didn’t end! After the show, I went to AT&T to finally fix my broken iPhone. Since I’m too paranoid to use the Cloud, the AT&T guy said I had to physically hardwire my phone to my computer to transfer all my data so he couldn’t do it right then at the store. I stopped for a car wash on the way home and realized that 28 minutes with no cell phone is agonizing, but at least my car was fresh. Then I spent nearly three hours (connecting, syncing, rebooting, deleting, calling Apple, etc.) before I finally had my life back in the palm of my hand. Not sure I would wish that process on my worst enemy.

That night, my hubs Richie, some friends, and I went to a preview of Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano. We hung out backstage for a while where they have these cameras so can watch people as they walk through. There were also buttons you could push to fire off steam and then you can see their reaction. They even had a “Boo Box.” It’s like a hunting blind where you crouch down and no one can see you until you pop out and scare ‘em! It’s located in this 1800s graveyard setting, and one of the characters ended up frightening us because my friend Valerie was yelling about how much she “loved the Victorian snow” in her loud, country accent.

Once it was time to go inside, I was somehow chosen to walk first. So I ran ahead and then hid from my group so I could jump out and spook them! We had some good laughs, and it’s definitely good bang for your buck because it took about 25 minutes to get through. There was another haunted attraction in the complex that was super creepy, and it ends in a bathroom scene. I had to pee and aaalllllmmmmoooossstt went in that scary toilet, but I didn’t wanna get my friend who had invited us in trouble. Maybe next year.

Scared our pants off @darkhourhauntedhouse tonight w/ @richie_whitt @susysoulis! 👻🎃

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Afterward, we went to Love & War in Texas because I was craving pot roast. They didn’t have it. So, I settled on chili, Bud Light, and bad 80s music.



Woke up to my hubs whisper-yelling at the dogs. They’re not allowed on the furniture so when I went to sleep Saturday night, I pulled out the sofa bed so I could snuggle with ‘em. The next morning, they had apparently gone outside through their doggie door and tracked mud back in—which ended up on the couch. I was exhausted from a long week/weekend so we ordered pizza, and I watched a terrible B-movie called “Breaking the Girls.” With only about 20 minutes left in the movie, it dawned on me that I had already seen it before. FML. I fell asleep, then woke up that evening to start the week again. I set up my page for the dancing fundraiser (**please donate**), read the entire internet for show prep, and then wrote this here blog.

Let’s meet back here next Monday, shall we?

Nathan Fast and Sybil Summers are heard 5:30-10am CT on AMP 103.7.  You can reach Nathan on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram and Sybil on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

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