Sybil’s Weekend Wrap-Up: 10.02.17

If you listen to Fast in the Morning, you might already know the random situations we find ourselves in on a regular basis. Sometimes crazy, sometimes scary, sometimes embarrassing, and almost always fun. On Mondays, let’s re-live it together with my new blog: Weekend Wrap-Up.


After work, I was still hungover from Thursday’s late night with Nathan. He’s such a bad influence. 😉 So, I went home to nap after the show. Unfortunately, our housekeeper was late so I had to wait for her to finish. I always feel guilty when she’s cleaning, and I’m just sitting on my ass. #FirstWorldProblems She finally left, but then I couldn’t fall asleep. Damn you, circadian rhythm.


Went to the station, and I was grumbly from not getting enough rest and having too much on my plate. My friend who just overcame cancer had a great quote that really put things in perspective. She said, “You can go to the pity party, but just have one or two drinks—don’t stay there all night.” Brilliant. I instantly felt better. Here she is–  literally fighting for her life–  and I’m griping about being tired. I’m like a cranky toddler. Served as a good reminder as to what’s really important in the big picture.

After that, I headed to dance rehearsal for the charity competition I’m doing on Oct. 19th. Turns out, my partner/instructor Gino’s girlfriend and her kids are AMP listeners. Hi, Alexa, Cody, and Thomas!

Richie, my hubs, got a new car so I gawked at it for a while when he got home. It’s a silver 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude, and I love it. I asked him if we could trade vehicles and got shut down with the quickness. He was headed to a bar to watch college football with his friends.

My neighbor, Honeycutt, and I decided to take our dogs and her kids to White Rock Lake for a picnic. So, we all piled into the car and headed to the park. We stayed there until the sun went down. We decided to keep the party going afterward so they all came over to our house and her dog Dora jumped on our new couch with muddy paws. Honeycutt was extremely apologetic, and together we cleaned it up so it looked fresh again. I didn’t even tell Richie about it because he’s SUPER anti-dogs-on-furniture. He’s probably reading this right now so here’s a picture of all our happy smiles to distract him…

img 0716 Sybil’s Weekend Wrap Up: 10.02.17

(Sybil Summers/ CBS Radio)



Our family was coming over to grill and watch the Cowboys game. I had to run to the store for a couple of last-minute items so I drove Richie’s new whip, and I was nervous because it’s all new to me. I didn’t even touch the radio station or any settings so I wouldn’t accidentally mess anything up. I’m a terrible driver.

When I got home, I bathed the dogs. Barkley’s breath smells like hot garbage. It’s so bad that he can be on his dog bed on the floor next to me, and when he licks himself, I can smell it from five feet away. I still love him though ‘cause he’s so stinkin’ cute!

My mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, and mom all came over and we cheered on the Cowboys between bites of burgers. My mom Linda and Richie’s mom could seriously be Saturday Night Live characters. They don’t pay attention very well, and all of their references are way off. As I was washing the dishes, I overheard their conversation about how “Bill Crosby was so funny when he used to interview those kids” and that they loved Richie’s new “station wagon.” (Again, it’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee.)

Richie’s mom is very religious. So much so, that he used to take his earring out when we would go to her house, and his brother—who is openly gay—isn’t comfortable bringing his boyfriend around in front of her. As we were doing a pre-visit sweep of the house, I decided I was going to leave our bar cart out because I’m an adult, and it’s our house. Then, me and my mom snuck beers in the garage like we were college kids.

Once everyone left, I fired up the ol’ DVR and did some good, Sunday night tv-watchin’. I’m so glad Curb Your Enthusiasm is back on. My dad is so much like Larry David. That’s probably why I’m such a curmudgeon. I thought of Luckey as I watched it because one of the characters (a lesbian barber) was wearing a calculator watch! They also introduced me to a new term… “lampin’.” It’s like chillin’ but with even less work. I love lamp.

Let’s meet back here next Monday, shall we? To read last week’s Wrap-Up, click here.


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