Luckey’s Weekend Round-Up: 10.09.17

Sybil, Nathan, and I got together for a lunch and pow wow at a local restaurant The Rustic.  It was fun.  We talked about the show and just brainstormed ideas, but the tiny pepper I got with my chicken sandwich burned my tongue and it bothered me the entire weekend.

I got home, showered, and then immediately left for my High School’s homecoming Football game.  It was my 10th year reunion, and I had’nt seen some of my old friends and teammates since graduation.  I’m pretty sure we won, but I hardly watched the game because we were all so busy catching up.

What stuck out for me, however, was it was the first time I ever had to plug in directions to get to my High School.  Granted, I took another route I never had before, but I took roads I’d driven plenty of times.  Since I wasn’t 100% confident, I figured just use the GPS.  It was still a funny feeling, though.

As the game was winding down, our group was trying to decide a place to meet for drinks.  The only places to go out near our school is in an area called the Bishop Arts District.  It’s a neat area, but parking is abysmal, which is enough to turn me off a place.

We decided on Applebees, because of dollar beers and dollar margaritas.  Place was turnt AF. There was no place to sit and we had no desire to wait, so we searched again.  We found another place a few miles away, that none of us had ever heard of before.  I went to investigate before we all headed there.

My first indication it probably wasn’t going to work was the distinct lack of windows.  The second indication was the thick wave if cigarette smoke that hit you in the face as soon as you walked in.  The loud tejano music wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we wouldn’t have been able to hear ourselves think, and seeing as the whole point of going out was to catch up, this windowless smoke closet wouldn’t work.

I got frustrated and was pretty tired so I dipped out and drove home, but made plans to meet up and some point the next day.

Saturday was pretty chill.  I went to the office for a couple of hours in the early afternoon to catch up on the work I missed Friday.  Whenever I got home, i turned on college football and half paid attention until the Texas game started.  My sister and a couple of her kids came over for dinner; her husband and other child were out camping for the weekend.

I made plans with friends to meet a bar in South Dallas, and as soon as the game ended, with a Texas victory, I made my way out.

We met a place called Lee Harvey’s, named after the man who shot JFK, and it was great.  We traded stories from High School, some that have been told a million times and some that I heard the very first time, and it was as if we hadn’t been apart for so long.  I’m sure it wont be almost a decade before we see each other again.

Our brand new Fridge was delivered to our house.  Whenever we had the hard wood floors installed, somehow the old fridge went caput, and we needed a new one.  It’s a cool fridge, but my dad was upset the little screen that indicated what ice you have selected, be it crushed or whole, or whether or not you have water selected was not back-lit.

We had a delicious meal of Sonic drive through, before the Cowboys game began.  Three of my closest friends came over, and the Cowboys lost and I’m tired of watching Football and won’t ever again.

Another WWE pay per view followed the Cowboys, but I stayed home to watch it rather to go to my friend’s house like last time.  But when I’m home, however, I can never last the full event, and usually fall asleep before it’s over.

Which is probably what’s about to happen.


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