Sybil’s Weekend Wrap-Up: 10.09.17

If you listen to Fast in the Morning, you might already know the random situations we find ourselves in on a regular basis. Sometimes crazy, sometimes scary, sometimes embarrassing, and almost always fun. On Mondays, let’s re-live it together with my new blog: Weekend Wrap-Up.


After the show, Nathan, Luckey and I went to The Rustic for a post-post-show meeting. Went over some fun ideas for the show and realized that Nathan still doesn’t know the phone number to our radio station! He’s only been here for 10 (TEN!!!) months so we’ll give him a pass. 😉

That night, the hubs and I went to a place in Deep Ellum called Stone Deck Pizza. The weather was great so we sat outside on the patio. The beer was hot, but it was a good place for people-watching. Plenty of loud cars and crotch-rockets buzzing by too.

Then we headed to Southside Ballroom to see Cake. The lead singer was all hopped up on cold meds, and his convo with the crowd was hilarious. They gave away a tree to someone in the audience who could tell him what type of tree it was, and the caveats were: you had to give the tree a name and pledge to care for it, plus send progress pix every year, etc. Brilliant idea! A UTA student named Christian ended up winning it for correctly guessing a Red Oak.

Being the hard-hitting journalist I am, I hunted down Christian so I could ask what he’s naming the tree and get a photo. He ended up being at the show with his college mentor, another radio host named Andrea Ridout, who has had a nationally-syndicated show called “Ask Andrea” for the past decade. As we’re coordinating details and taking photos, the trashy red-head next to us starts yelling at us because we had been talking “for the past 10 min!” Andrea didn’t hold back and the two women screamed at each other for about 30 seconds, and finally I said,” Look, we’re gonna take a quick pic, and we’ll be done.” So that’s what we did.

Christian hadn’t yet named the tree, but I think “Red” is a good name since it’s a Red Oak that caused the confrontation with a redhead. As I wandered back to the other side of the building where we were set up, I thought about how awkward it must be for the two of them to have to stand next to one another the rest of the show. I mean, Andrea and Christian had a tree for crying out loud so you know they weren’t going anywhere. More importantly, though, when did it become unacceptable to talk during a concert?!

About 20 minutes later, there was a fight in the crowd (not Andrea and Redhead). So Cake’s frontman stopped the music, asked the venue to turn up the lights, and did a play-by-play!

“Dude, you’re losing.”

“Make his face hit your fist again.”

Security broke it up, and John McCrea said, “Alright, we good? Ok then, here’s a song I wrote while driving…” and then went into the next hit. I wish all concerts were that eventful.

After work, I went home to meet the guy who made a custom mirror for our new house. He called me and said he realized it was the wrong one so after deliberating nearly three hours on whether or not I wanted the one he had in stock or wait another couple days, I decided to stick to the original plan. Our new mirror arrives Tuesday.

It was my week to host Club AMP at Lizard Lounge so Randi from middays, my friend Brent, and his friend Cameron met at my house before heading to Deep Ellum. There was a $1000 balloon drop at midnight, and the place was packed! One of our promotions guys, Diego, got a d**k pic from someone and I saw it. Of all the people in DFW, I just so happened to know the guy! So we sent back a selfie, and now he knows that I know. Ah, Snapchat…

After the club, Randi, Brent, Diego, and his friend Ryan went back to my house to watch the Lady Gaga documentary. Everyone was curled up with blankets and puppies and about eight minutes in, we were snoozing. So, Randi, Diego, and Ryan split. Brent and I fell back asleep.


About three hours later, I woke up and looked at the clock. It was only 8:10am. I was still tired, but I went to get some water and saw that Brent was awake too. So we ordered a PPV movie and pizza and laughed our pepperonis off at “Rough Night.”

Richie got home from a tennis tourney, and the three of us decided to watch Saturday Night Live since we had missed it the previous night. Richie went to take a shower, and by the time he came back, we had fallen asleep on the couch again. Lizard Lounge got me.

img 0820 Sybil’s Weekend Wrap Up: 10.09.17

(Sybil Summers/ CBS Radio)

Ended up snoozing through the Cowboys game while Richie’s brother and dad came over. Woke up for 30 minutes to watch Family Guy and then went back to sleep. Funny thing is, I could probably still sleep for another 15 hours given the chance.

Let’s meet back here next Monday, shall we? To read last week’s Wrap-Up, click here.


Nathan Fast and Sybil Summers are heard 5:30-10am CT on AMP 103.7.  You can reach Nathan on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram and Sybil on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.


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