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  1. Roxanne Keeton says:

    I am pleased that we have received restitution for the wrong that the American People have endured over the past, almost 10 yrs. I think the our Governrment finally handled this operation in the manner that all of operations should be handled. We do not need to televise and put on the internet every move we make so that our enemies know what move we are gpoing to make. We set ourselves up for failure. I do not need to see photos of Bin Laden and I do not want my children to have to see anymore blood and guts than necessary. We have a right to celebrate this defeat. Doesn’t anyone remember when they were in “JUBILATION” when they saw the Twins Towers collapsing from their TERRORIST! We are Americans and we do have a sense of value for life. We can celebrate this feat in a respectful manner as the victims of 9-11 would expect…With Couth. We need to remember WHO WE ARE! God Bless America!

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