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One Comment

  1. If I get sorry service or a waiter with an attitude; I do not tip at all, once had a waitress that wadded up what we left her and threw it against the wall and stormed off , she was bitchy the whole time and tried to stick us with a mandatory gratuity for a party of 8 or more and we only had 6 people .talked to the manager and he was no help at all , don’t go there anymore ……Earn it and be decent and you might get your share

    1. Maria says:

      I totally agree…tips are earned not given…I normally leave a minimum or 20% but if the waiter/waitress is awesome, I may leave them a 25% depending on the bill. There are times I have gone out with friends and have left extra because one of my friends doesn’t like to leave tips. I feel so bad for the waiter/waitress specially if they did a great job.

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