Who We Lost In 2015These lists always make me gasp when read in their entirety. The latest being Natalie Cole, who left us New Years Eve. :(
The 10 Most Pirated Movies Of 2015No matter how hard the studios and TV production companies try people continue to illegally download thier favorite movie and TV shows.
Here Are The Celebrity Bulges That Got You Through 2015
The Top 10 Reasons 2015 Was A Great Year For Dad's!
2015's Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The U.S.The dog-sitting/boarding company DogVacay analyzed theirs and Google's data and have released their list of this year's most popular dog breeds...
Most Awkward Moments Of 2015So much Travolta.
You Will Never Believe The Most Googled Question Of 2015! It Will Make You Laugh!
These 26 People Had A Way Worse 2015 Than You Did
Top Health Questions We Googled This YearWe all do it. Get sick or notice something strange on our body and then run to google. Some of the questions we search are weird, but the items most asked are the more commonplace questions involving situations most of us could encounter.
Brie Larson Named 2015's "It Girl"However, you might think twice about calling her by that name.
Seriously?! People Are Naming Their Children After Instagram FiltersWhen Twilight was all the rage, we saw the baby names Bella, Jacob, and Edward rise to the top of the baby names list. People love movies and celebrities so it makes sense. However, this is the first time we've seen kids being names after our favorite social media site!
DJ Earworm Mashes Up All The Hits Of 2015 In One Amazing RemixWhat if you took the 50 biggest Pop hits of 2015 and mashed them all together?

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