Demi Lovato Celebrates Birthday With Ex Wilmer ValderramaLovato and Valderrama split in June 2016 after six years of dating.
Baby Tossed From Car During Car Accident Found Unharmed 25 Feet Away!This is crazy!
These 25 Surprising Foods Will Help You Lose Weight! Some Of These Shocked Us!
Adele's "25" Album Is Smashing Records, But What Does That Mean?
VIDEO: There's No Escaping Adele's "Hello"!We must've watched this a thousand times...
VIDEO: Lionel Richie Calls Adele To Say 'Hello'; Adele Hangs Up On HimApparently Lionel Richie wanted to call to congratulate Adele on the new hit, but Adele was not having it.
Adele Drops New Single & Video For 'Hello'
Taylor Swift’s 25th Birthday Celebration!
Did Adele Just Announce Her New Album '25' On Twitter?It was just Adele's birthday and she turned 26. But in a single tweet, the singer has started the internet's gears grinding for a 25 album.
Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

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