Chester Bennington 911 Call Released; Housekeeper Who Discovered Body Can Be Heard Screaming In The BackgroundThe police just released the 911 call made by Bennington's driver, who was most likely there to take him to a scheduled photo shoot, and in the call, you can hear the wails and screams of his housekeeper in the background. 
Georgia Inmates Save A Guard's Life With CPR While On Work DetailThey could have escaped but they stayed to save his life.
Chris Soules Made 911 Call After Fatal Crash and Checked Victim's PulseMore information is coming out about the tragic accident involving former ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules. The 911 call has been obtained by TMZ. In it, Chris tells the operator that he "rear-ended a guy in a tractor," causing both to fall into separate ditches.
FBI Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos From 9/11 Attack On PentagonThe general public has never seen these before.
Paula Patton and Robin Thicke's Son Julian, 6, Begged to Call Cops When Visit With Dad Came, Nanny Says
911 Service Went Down Across North Texas Last Night, Emergency Calls Were Met With Busy SignalAT&T customers trying to dial 911 last night were at the very most met with a busy signal, after issue shut doewn the emergency service for four hours Wednesday evening.
Boy Calls 911 To Invite Sherrif Deputies To Thanksgiving Dinner5-year-old Billy Nolin just wanted to make sure his local police had a hot Thanksgiving dinner prepared for them.
911 Operators Tell The Dumbest Phone Calls They Have Ever Taken!Some of these phone calls are are crazy!
Firefighter Suits Up And Climbs Stair Machine To Honor Fallen ComradesThis brought a tear to our eye.
Remembering 9/11: Video Of The Events As They UnfoldedWe have the actual broadcasts from all of the major television networks.
The Iconic 9/11 Flag Has Been Found!They have found the iconic 9/11 flag!
People Are Really Mad About This 9/11 Soda DisplayWe aren't sure how we feel about this display?

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