Advice For People In Their 20' recently asked people for suggestions of things to do in your 20s
Madison Beer Breaks Silence After Jack Gilinsky's Insults
Bride Asks For Advice After Friend Ditches Wedding For Adele ConcertOh man this is a situation we hope to never find ourselves in.
Niall Horan's Advice He Received From Justin Bieber: "You Never Really Know When You’re Finished"Harry Styles isn't the only One Directioner celebrating a budding solo career.
Factors To Look For To Detertmine If Your Partner Is Predisposed To CheatingTracey Cox is a sex advice expert who has broken down the 12 factors to look for in a cheating partner.
Meet The Real Texas Sheriff Who Inspired Jeff Bridges In "Hell Or High Water"Without a doubt, Jeff Bridges is one of our favorite actors.
Jennifer Lopez Video From American Idol Has Solid Advice About Performing For Mariah CareyLopez gives some pretty solid advice about performing and what it means to have a "do or die" attitude when on stage.
Was it ILLEGAL For Blac Chyna To Disappear With Her And Rob's Baby?? Kannon Asked Family Law Attorney Jason NaumannOver the weekend Rob Kardashian made a series of social media posts alleging he came home to find that Blac Chyna had DISAPPEARED with their baby Dream! Sad for any parent.
Director Kevin Smith Defends His 17-Year-Old Daughter Against Internet TrollsWhat would you do if someone called your daughter "ugly" or hoped that she ended up like "Lindsay Lohan and dead"?
Justin Bieber Gave Zac Efron Career Advice! Really?Now this is hilarious! Ellen must have got to Justin!
Donald Trump Had Some Weird Advice For Daniel Radcliffe (Video)Donald Trump gave an 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe some advice that has stuck with him for all these years.
14 Lies We All Believed In Our 20'sCosmopolitan has put together a list from a recent Reddit thread of 14 "lies" that surely would have been nice to know back in our 20's.

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