Hangovers Do Get Worse With Age, And Here's WhyThere’s actually a scientific explanation for why the morning after feels worse as we get older
The Age You Peak, According to ScienceFor all of us who dream of still learning a second language… yes, we are indeed long past our peak of doing such. However, the vocabulary in our native tongue doesn’t peak until age 71 according to research.
Humans Unlikely to Ever Live Beyond Age 125We knew our days were numbered. We just didn’t know the number.
Etiquette Expert Says We Should Stop Going To Night Clubs By Age 24Uh-oh, here we go, just another a list of things we shouldn't at a certain age. And you know we are all guilty of at least one of these things.
Quiz Claims It Can Guess Age, Income Based on the Apps on Your PhoneResearchers in Finland have released a study linking the apps you have on your phone to your age, income, gender and marital status. The Washington Post took this info and compiled a quiz – which they say is up to 82% accurate. At first I thought, “Really?” But, when you think about it…
The U.S. Postal Service Will Now Email You Your Mail!
Kids Are Most Fun at Age 5; Most Stressful, 10 to 12The average parent thinks raising kids is 50% fun, and 50% hard work, and think FIVE is the most fun age. Why?
Anne Hathaway Says She's Losing Parts to Younger ActressesShe's only 32, but Anne Hathaway says she's already over the hill by Hollywood standards.
Let Us Guess Your Age Based On Your Fast Food Preferences
Rebel Wilson Is HOW Old?!Wait a second...
We Spoke With Michiel Huisman Today! Love This Guy!
This New Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Might Freak You Out A Little!

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