Hurricane Hunters Give A Never Before Seen Look Into The Eye Of Hurricane IrmaCheck out these amazing pictures and videos from the center of the dangerous hurricane.
101-Year-Old Graduates From High School After Dropping Out In 1933 Due To Health ConditionJohn Motes had to drop out of high school after his sophomore year in 1933 due to a health condition.
Tom Cruise Says "Top Gun 2" Is "Definitely Happening"Top Gun 2 is officially clear for takeoff according to Tom Cruise.
Soldier Wraps His Deceased Military Dog In The American FlagWe'll just go ahead an apologize in advance. This is one of those stories that's going to get you. Get the tissues ready because the tears are coming.
John McCain's Son Tells Twitter Racists To "Eat It" After Comments On Old Navy's Interracial AdHave you seen Old Navy's latest ad? The one that 's causing all the Twitter hate over an interracial couple.
Ex-Air Force Lt Colonel Claims He Saw UFOAn ex-Air Force pilot whose job was to debunk UFO reports shares his story about actually seeing flying saucers.
Five Siblings All Get Married On The Same Day
Military Wife Gets Big Surprise From Lady Antebellum

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