ACT FAST: Southwest Airlines Selling Premium Seats to See Solar EclipseIf you have too much money and too many vacation days, this deal is for you! Southwest Airlines is selling premium seats to give flyers a front row view of the upcoming solar eclipse.
JetBlue To Test Facial Recognition Check-In for BoardingYour face is your boarding pass next month in Boston.
Brawl Erupts On Southwest Airlines Flight From Dallas To LAThe brawl happened in Burbank after the plane arrived from Dallas Love Field.
Chaos Erupts Following Multiple Flight Cancellations in FloridaThe airline, known for its uber cheap air fares, is currently in a contract dispute with its pilot union.
Southwest Pilot Suprises One Millionth Passenger With Champagne And Cash Reimbursing Ticket (Video)Southwest Airlines captain John Richie took the intercom before a flight from Denver to Pittsburgh with a special announcement.
Delta Threatens A Family With Jail Time Before Booting Them Off A Flight
Here are the Changes United Airlines Will Make on Behalf of PassengersWould you give up your airplane seat for 10-grand?
Why Do Airlines Overbook Flights?The United Airlines incident, where a man was violently dragged off an overbooked plane, has left a lot of people wondering why airlines sell more seats than they actually have available.
Virgin America Airline Brand to Disappear by 2019At least Alaska Airlines will keep Virgin America's "mood lighting" for some of its airplanes.
U.S. Airlines Least Likely To Lose Your Luggage
American Airlines Unveils NEW 'Basic Economy' Service To Compete With Low-Cost CarriersIn a step to compete with lower priced carriers, American Airlines is introducing 'Basic Economy' fares to garner more passengers.
Woman Gives Birth On A Southwest Airlines FlightWhy would she fly if she thought she might go into labor?

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