NASA Responds To 9-Year-Old Who Applied To Be A "Planetary Protection Officer." They Didn't Say "No."Jack Davis is a 9-year-old who, like most of us, were intrigued by NASA's recent announcement of the hiring of a "Planetary Protection Officer."
NASA Is Looking For A Full Time Planetary Protection OfficerWant to save the world from aliens? We've got a job opportunity just for you.
Rob Lowe Is Aware His Bigfoot Story Makes Him Look Crazy, But He Thought He "Was Going To Be Killed"Big foot exists! How do we know? Actor Rob Lowe says so
Mystery Lights Above Plano All But Prove Aliens ExistIf you were hanging outside in Plano last night, chances are you witnessed the first steps in an ALIEN ENCOUNTER!
Hacker Group Anonymous Claims NASA Is About To Reveal The Existence Of Alien Life“NASA says aliens are arriving.”
NASA Astronaut: Aliens Exist, But Still Haven’t Visited EarthSo it’s true… aliens do exits!!! (Well, at least according to Alan Bean, the fourth man to set foot on the moon)
Alien Hunters Think They Just Spotted Hundreds Of Alien Ships Leaving The Moon!What do you think?
'Strong Signal' From Space Sparks Alien Talks!Is this proof that there is something else out there?
NASA Accused Of Cutting Off The LIVE Feed As UFO Approaches EarthIs there anything better than a good conspiracy theory?
UFO Spotted Over Southern CaliforniaIf there is life on other planets, where would they land if they came to visit Earth?
Woman-Like Figure Found On MarsDo you believe in aliens? We may have definitive proof that there is life on other planets!
Another Lead Singer Goes Berserk

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