Toys 'R' Us Files Bankruptcy In U.S. and Similar in CanadaBankruptcy will give the struggling company the opportunity to organize it's debt and continue operations
Amazon Cuts Whole Food Pricing; As Much As 43% In Some CasesAmazon's first action as owner of the grocery chain Whole Foods was to cut prices, in some cases by as much as 43%.
Amazon Set To Drop The Notoriously High Whole Foods PricesOnline retail giant Amazon, has officially bought out the notoriously overpriced grocery chain, Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. The buyout received the green light yesterday with the deal set to close on Monday. Amazon said in a PR statement that it will immediately drop the outrageous prices, and Amazon Prime members will become the store’s rewards program.
Netflix And Amazon Will 'Slow Down' Services Tomorrow, July 12th, Here Is WhyIt might be a little tough to stream 'House Of Cards', 'Transparent' and 'Orange Is The New Black' tomorrow due to Netflix and Amazon throttling their services to protest against FCC chairman Ajit Pai's stance on Net Neutrality.
Facebook Is Looking To Produce Scripted TV ShowsIs Facebook planning on taking down Netflix?
Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.7 BillionThe deal was announced Friday morning and comes as news to other major retailers.
10 Gifts You Can Buy Online and Receive Before Father's DayBest part? You can get any of these gifts in two days or less with Amazon Prime!
Amazon Echo Gets Its Own 'Saturday Night Live' SkitWe have to admit the skit seems pretty convincing!
KFC Releases Colonel Sanders Romance Novel Just In Time For Mother's DayThe fast food chain has released a 96 page romance novel, centered around Colonel Sanders himself, titled Tender Wings of Desire.
Amazon Is Looking To Fill 5,000 New Work-From-Home Jobs: Want One?How about a commute that involves putting on your slippers, and walking across the bedroom to get your laptop?
Girl Scout Cookies Are Now On Amazon
The Weirdest Items Texans Shop For Online, Plus The Item We Searched For More Than Any Other StateOnline shopping certainly has its risks and rewards. You never know the quality of the product you purchased until it arrives on your doorstep, but you also never have to put on pants.

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