This Man Is Suing American Airlines For Seating Him Between Two Overweight PeopleThe guy claims that the experience left him with permanent injuries.
New Video Shows American Airlines Flight Attendant Confrontation Over Mother With StrollerAmerican Airlines is investigating the incident: and apparently the flight attendant has been "removed from duty."
Audio Reveals Tense Moment When American Airlines Pilot Dies in Flight from DFW The Boeing 737 had 136 passengers and six crew members aboard; it arrived in New Mexico shortly after 3:30 p.m. local time from Dallas-Fort Worth.
American Airlines Pilot Dies While on Flight From DFWThe flight from Dallas-Fort Worth landed without any problems. However, the cause of the pilot's death remains unknown.
Cowboys DT Tyrone Crawford Kicked Off Flight For Dispute Over BagTyrone Crawford went on a mini-rant yesterday after being kicked off of an American Airlines flight, allegedly over a dispute over one of his bags being too big to carry on.
Harrison Ford Involved in Near-Serious Accident with Passenger Plane
American Airlines Unveils NEW 'Basic Economy' Service To Compete With Low-Cost CarriersIn a step to compete with lower priced carriers, American Airlines is introducing 'Basic Economy' fares to garner more passengers.
American Airlines To Begin Offering Free Movies And Television During FlightsIn a move echoing actions taken by Delta earlier this summer, American Airlines will now be offering free movies, television, and msuic to all of its passengers on their flights.
Girl Seeks $10 Million From American Airlines After Allegations Of Being Groped On Dallas FlightOn an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Portland, a 13-year-old passenger is claiming she was groped and assaulted by a fellow passenger, and now her family and lawyers are seeking $10 million from American Airlines and the accused for the crime.
American Airlines Questions Professor For Working On A Math EquationAdd math to the list of things you can't do on an airplane.
Bird Strike Forces American Airlines Emergency Landing En Route to Dallas (PHOTO)Birds might seem small compared to a big ol’ jet airliner, but check out the dent this flock made in the plane’s nose.
American Airlines Jet Makes Emergency LandingAn American Airlines jet heading for DFW had to make an emergency landing at it was all caught on video. Shortly after takeoff a few passengers noticed loose panels caused by a pressure change.

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