Man Spots Two Gigantic Pythons Having Relations Just Outside His Kitchen WindowAn Australian man was making coffee in his kitchen when he looked out of his window at just the right time.
Man Punches Active Bear Trap Just To See If He Can Get Away With It (Video)What do you get when you cross an old man with a live, active bear trap?  
Boy Tries To Feed Kangaroo, Gets Punched In The Face For His EffortLet this be a lesson to all of you out there: while most of its power is located in the legs, kangaroos still have a vicious jab.
Wildlife Workers Free a Raccoon After Getting Its Head Stuck in a Peanut Butter JarThis is adorably hilarious.
This Dog Looks Exactly Like Shameless Star William H. MacyApparently this week is the week for celebrity doppelgangers in the form of animals.
Dallas Zoo Celebrating Birth Of Two Rare Wild Somali Asses (Yes, That's What They're Really Called!)Half-sisters Kalila and Naima were born just ten days apart, which is great news for the rare, and critically endangered species.
California Community Worried Their Pets Are Being Stalked By The Deadly ChupacabraA quaint Southern California town is under attack, if its residents have any say in the matter.
Michael Phelps Finally Raced A Shark, And It Actually Was Really Close! (Video)The Discovery Channel kicked off their annual Shark Week with a spectacle.  Man vs. Animal.  Olympian vs. Predator.  Michael Phelps vs. a shark.
Adorable Dog Rides Her Horse Around Texas FarmMaizey is a 10-year-old yellow retriever from Boerne, Texas, and she has a knack for the cowpoke life.
Author Of The Book "How To Survive Bulls Of Pamplona" Gored While Running With Bulls In PamplonaBill Hillmann is a boxer turned writer, known for co-authoring a book, Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona.
Passengers Stuck At JFK Airport After Pregnant Turtles Wander Onto RunwayJFK International Airport is overrun.
Family Visiting State Park Attacked By Wild Monkeys (Video)Susie Ramsey and her family were spending a day at Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida when they came across a group of wild rhesus monkeys.

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