Thirsty Dudes Rejected On Tinder Are Creeping On Instagram In New Online Dating Trend, "Tindstagramming."A new trend is growing in the online dating world, one that hopefully will not catch on any more than it has already.
Burger King's New Ad Triggers Google Search Functions. Has A "Disastrous Flaw" And They Proceed To Get TrolledBurger King recently released a new ad which triggers the search function of any device with Google-voice controls.
Are These Things Annoying, Or Are You Just Too Sensitive? Take The Quiz And Find Out!We all have certain traits or habits we find annoying. Sorry. We can't help it.
Co-Worker Annoying You? There's an Extension For ThatThere’s a button you can install in your Chrome browser that could come in handy today. Click it to make your phone ring and you can segue out of an undesirably interaction or conversation. But wait, there’s more!
Here's How To Filter Annoying Posts On Facebook News FeedFacebook is best when it's used for cute animal posts anyway, right?
New Survey Names Seat-Kicking The Worst Airplane BehaviorIn their annual survey, asked travelers to list passenger behaviors that aggravate them the most on flights.
Facebook Status Updates That Need To Stop Today!
Mispronounced Words That Drive You NutsWe've all got those certain words that drive us bonkers when someone mispronounces them!
Bad Habits That Drive Your Coworkers CrazyWhat do your coworkers do that drives you up the wall?
Why Your Co-Workers Might Hate YouWe all know at least one person in the office guilty of an office crime that annoys everyone. Check out this list of office violations.
Bad Habits That Drive Your Coworkers CrazyWhat do your coworkers do that drives you up the wall?
Fridge Notes And Creepy CoworkersThis morning, we came upon a mess and a note in the office kitchen, so we thought we'd share the things our coworkers do that annoy us.

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