These 17 Google Easter Eggs Are Perfect For Those Times You're Bored At The Office!Whatever your excuse, Google has got your back.  Deep within the bowels of Google, there are plenty of hidden easter eggs and treats for you to enjoy!
This Tinder-Like App for Moms Is Becoming a Hit Among Highland Park LadiesMamas, rejoice!
This App Will Turn Your Photos into EmojisWhy make a kissy face for the camera when the app can do it for you?
It's Mayor Monday And Ken Shetter From Burleson Is Our New Best Friend!Seriously! This guy is super cool!
Pokemon Go Game Is Creating Havoc In The Real WorldBe careful in your search for virtual monsters lurking in the real world. Pokemon Go, the new app for Android and iOS is proving to be hazardous to players’ health.
Homeless Man Uses Tinder To Hook Up, Score A Place To Crash And Have A Hot ShowerAn article published by the New York Post highlights the growing number of people who are using the Internet to hide the fact that they're homeless, and how they count on the Internet for survival.
Quiz Claims It Can Guess Age, Income Based on the Apps on Your PhoneResearchers in Finland have released a study linking the apps you have on your phone to your age, income, gender and marital status. The Washington Post took this info and compiled a quiz – which they say is up to 82% accurate. At first I thought, “Really?” But, when you think about it…
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