This Coffee Shop Serves Lattes Inside AvocadosDoes an avolatte sound good to you?
Facebook Reportedly Knows When We're Anxious, And Targets Ads To Us AccordinglyWe all know websites gather up data or cookies from us every time we go online, and then provide ads that might cater to our interests or needs, but is there a point when any of these websites go too far?
Australian Man Saves Drowned Lizard By Giving It CPR For 30 Minutes"I was like, 'Oh no. Goner. First casualty for the pool," Dale Hall told ABC News.
12-Year-Old Boy Drives 800 Miles Before Police Stop HimThat car had to be incredibly fuel-efficient if he did not stop for gas.
Rapper Reportedly Jumped Into the Ocean to Dodge a $600 Seafood BillHow much food and booze do you think needs to be consumed to rack up a $600 bill?
Cameras Catch News Anchor Daydreaming At Work; Her Reaction Is Absolutely Hilarious (Video)We all daydream at work, but at least we're not embarrassed in front of thousands of people when we are caught.
Double Check Your Flight Info! Dutch Teen Trying To Travel To Sydney, Australia Flies To Sydney, Nova ScotiaWhen he landed in the Great White North, the country was on the verge of a blizzard, and Schipper was wearing a t-shirt, sweatpants, and a thin jacket.
There Was A Real Sharknado In AustraliaAs if Australia wasn't crazy enough.
WATCH: Australians Surfing In Flood WatersOnly in Australia...
Baby Spa Is A Thing NowWe have to admit, we are a bit, or a lot jealous of these babies.
Teenager Jumps Into River To Impress A Girl, Proceeds To Get Mauled By A CrocodileSomehow Lee De Paauw escaped this idiotic ordeal with his life.
Amateur Cycling Team Rides 200km To Draw GPS Tracked Route Of A GoatThe ride lasted a little more than six hours, and they only stopped for food, flat tires, and for when "nature called."

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