Here Are Texas' Most Popular Baby Names For 2016So what are the most popular baby names in the Lone Star State?
One Of The Top Baby Names Of 2016 Comes From One Of The Worst 'Star Wars' CharactersYou'll never guess who.
New Trend: Parents Naming Babies After Pokémon Go Characters
Trendy Baby Names Popular in DFW
Seriously?! People Are Naming Their Children After Instagram FiltersWhen Twilight was all the rage, we saw the baby names Bella, Jacob, and Edward rise to the top of the baby names list. People love movies and celebrities so it makes sense. However, this is the first time we've seen kids being names after our favorite social media site!
Annual Top 10 List Of Most Popular Baby Names ReleasedIs your munchin's name on it?
Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Baby's NameAnd this was a big deal, why?
If Your Kid Is Named ______, He's Probably A Brat.So depending on whether you use the name "Jamie" for a boy or girl, it could be either good or bad.
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Crazy Names Of Celebrities' KidsIn light of Fergie and Josh Duhmel's pregnancy annoucement, we look back at some of the more colorful names celebrity parents have given their children.
The Most Hated Baby Names

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