Man Gets "Kanye West" And "Kim Kardashian" Tattooed On His Legs, Calls It The "Most Important Piece Of Pop Culture Art Right Now"Look. We're no art historians, but will history look back at @wtfjon's new tattoos and determine he was right calling it the "most important piece of pop culture art?"
Guess Which State Has The Nation's Worst Drivers. Hint? It's Texas.If you decided to road trip for the Thanksgiving holiday, you may want to pay extra attention for the trip home.
Huge Earthquake In Oklahoma Causes Bad DamageThis is terrifying!
Weird Al Yankovic Made A Debate Song Called "Bad Hombre, Nasty Women"This is actually really funny!
Diet Coke Could Be Discontinued Soon!WAIT! WHAT?
Hospital Charges New Mom To Hold Her Baby After Birth!This is INSANE! They charged her to hold the baby!
Angelina Jolie Has Blocked Brad Pitt's Phone Number!This is going to get ugly! WOW! They are already playing dirty!
QVC Aired A Laptop With Racial Slurs On Live TV
A New Study Claims Chipotle Is Worse For You Than McDonalds!
Kendra Wilkinson Releases Your Soundtrack To SummerDoes anybody still remember Kendra Wilkinson?
Netflix Is Lowering Your Video Quality On Purpose!
Christina Aguilera Fiancé Busted Driving With The Baby In His Lap!

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