Why Is This Kid Sitting In A Bathtub Of Spaghetti?There can only be one answer...Grandma!
Texas Woman Launched By Tornado While Sitting In The BathtubIt is an known fact, Texas weather is extremely difficult to predict and no one can attest to that more than Charlesetta Williams from east Texas. The 75 year-old woman was launched from her home while sitting in her bathtub during a storm that produced a tornado!
Drakes New Whiskey Will Put You On Your Butt! LITERALLY!His new whiskey packs a punch!
Mariah Carey Posted Naked Pictures of Herself In The Bathtub On InstagramShe gave her fans a little treat this morning!
Watch Jimmy Kimmel Interview Mariah Carey In A BathtubHere's something you don't see everyday...
How Did Nick Gordon React To Bobbi Kristina's Death?
Report: Bobbi Kristina Used Heroin Before Bathtub Accident
Shocking New Claims - Bobbi Kristina Was High On Xanax, Was Suicidal When Found in Tub
Bobbi Kristina: Facial Injuries Prior To Being Found In Bathtub Sparked Foul Play InvestigationAs we have moved into a new week, more information has emerged into the police's investigation.
Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway Over Bobbi Kristina
Bobbi Kristina's 'husband' Accused of Trying To Get Whitney Houston's Money
Drugs Were Found In Bobbi Kristina's HomeDeja Vu.

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