Dallas Named The Most Facial Hair Friendly City In The Country!Because of our amazing victory, Wahl is now sponsoring our very own and beloved Mavs ManiAACs, or as the release says, "the beloved brood of bearded basketball devotees."
David Letterman Is "Happily Retired," Growing Massive Santa Claus Beard (Video)It might be impossible for someone to enjoy retirement as much as David Letterman.
Men Are Transplanting Hair To Their FaceYeah, some guys really want facial hair, but cannot grow a nice beard, mustache or eyebrows.
David Letterman Looks WAY Different Since He Retired 10 Months Ago!
Zayn Malik Says He Left One Direction Because He Wasn't Allowed To Grow A Beard
What Does The Kid From "Two And A Half Men" Look Like Now?Hint: It ain't like this.
Men Are Covering Their Beards In Glitter And It Is So Awkward!
In Honor Of The Last Day Of No Shave November Here Are The Most Extreme Beards And Mustaches
Leigh Ann & Courtney Kerr Interview DaughtryKVIL's Not So Silent Night concert was amazing.
New Hipster Xmas Trend - Beard Baubles?
UPDATE: Kory's #NoShaveNovember Continues...Despite It Being December Now.I just cannot get myself to get rid of the beard. I like it! What do you think?
Kory's #NoShaveNovember Beard UpdateNormally I like to be somewhat clean shaven, but for #NoShaveNovember I have let my beard grow in, with minimal trimming...I don't want to look like a cave man!

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