The Oscars Will Continue To Use PricewaterhouseCoopers Even After Best Picture Mix UpLet's be honest, the Oscars ratings have been falling for years. That is until the Best Picture mix up, which went viral. You can bet more people will tune in next year in hopes of yet another trainwreck moment.
Ryan Gosling Finally Explains Oscar GigglingBy now we are sure that everyone has seen the Oscars announcing the wrong best picture winner last month. But why was Ryan Gosling giggling?
Warren Beatty Wants Academy President To Clarify Best Picture Screw-upPoor Warren Beatty. He is forever linked to the biggest Oscar screw-up of all-time, and it's not really his fault that the accountant from PwC was more interested in tweeting than doing his job.
London Movie Theater Trolls Audience by "Accidentally" Showing La La Land In A Screening For MoonlightNow that the horror of the Oscars envelope debacle has worn off, it's time to have a sense of humor about it. Of course it was a horrible situation, but you have two choices, either be bitter or get better.
Accountant In Charge Of Oscars Envelopes Tweeted Just Before Biggest Mistake In Academy HistoryThe chairman of the U.S. board of Pricewaterhousecoopers, the accounting firm in charge of managing the Oscars winner's envelopes tweeted just before the biggest mistake in Academy Award history.
Oscars Producers Apologize For Best Picture Announcement MistakePricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that handles all of the Oscar nominations and votes addressed last night's mistake in a statement released on Twitter.
OOPS! La La Land Loses Best Picture Award After Mess Up
Vin Diesel Predicts 'Furious 7' Will Take Home Oscar For Best Picture In 2016The 'Fast And Furious' franchise has cleaned up at the Box Office, and when 'Furious 7' hits theaters next month it is predicted to do the same. However, the series has never received much critical acclaim. Vin Diesel seems to think that this film will change all that.
Watch The Best Picture Nominees In Less Than 4 Minutes!The Oscars are this weekend. Are you ready? And by ready, I mean have you seen all the films?
Nominations For The 2014 Academy Awards Have Been AnnouncedThe nominations for the Academy Awards were announced this morning. Check out who was nominated!
Best Picture Oscar Nominations - Who's The Favorite?
Interviews With The Cast Of Golden Globe Winner "The Social Network"

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