Rob Lowe Is Aware His Bigfoot Story Makes Him Look Crazy, But He Thought He "Was Going To Be Killed"Big foot exists! How do we know? Actor Rob Lowe says so
Possible Bigfoot Prints Found In Round Rock, TexasDo you believe Bigfoot exists?
Idaho Woman Claims to Have Seen Sasquatch
VIDEO: Did Bigfoot Photobomb A Michigan Eagle Nest Cam?See for yourself if Sasquatch did a "peek-a-boo"!
Dog With A GoPro Stumbles Upon Bigfoot!The mystery of Bigfoot has been solved! The giant, fur covered, apelike creature is real!
VIDEO: Yorkie Protects Man From 'Sasquatch' In Boone, North CarolinaZippy is one gutsy Yorkie.
Julie's Jabbers: The Day We Found Bigfoot My 10-year-old Emma is fascinated with Bigfoot. She even has a Bigfoot Society with school-friends and sleepovers often involve some form of “Squatching.”
Zazza & Julie's Birthday Bigfoot HuntIt's Emma's 10th birthday, and we're on a Bigfoot Hunt!
Man Claims He Shot BigfootMan claims he has Bigfoot's body.
Bigfoot Hunter Goes On Tour With Dead BeastOh, come on. Is anyone really falling for this? It looks more like a Chewbacca costume to me.
Is Bigfoot Real? And Dead?
Research Team Claims To Have Proof Of Bigfoot's ExistenceA North Texas group claims to have definitive proof that Bigfoot is real!

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