Woman Takes Her Dying Dog On A Bucket List AdventureLauren Watt adored her Bull Mastiff, Gizelle.
Powers Of Observation With Blake Powers
Powers Of ObservationBlake Powers talks his observations of what is happening in DFW
Powers Of Observation With Blake PowersIt's official! The first episode of Powers of Observation is here!
Wal Mart Thief Arrested For Stealing Pizza Rolls
Want A Better Sex Life? Eat This Stuff
Carrollton's City Services Go DownThe City of Carrollton's city services non-emergency phones... were down this morning. Other than 9-1-1, the police and fire department lines didn't work. They probably had ZAZZA & JULIE IN THE MORNING on, bought extra donuts, and danced around like PHARRELL does while singing "HAPPY"! If so, please send me any selfies and video you have:).
GM Recall May Affect 1.37 Million Vehicles
Are Tattoos Still Taboo?
Ice Ice Baby
How Long Do You Spend On Your AppearanceHow long does the average person spend on their appearance each day?
NBC Is Rebooting Heroes

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