Crayola Has Officially Named the New Color in Its 24-Count BoxThe new color will be available in boxes soon though no set date has been given.
Crayola Finally Unveils the New Blue Crayon We've All Been Waiting ForThe inspiration for the new color comes from an accidental discovery in 2009.
People Are Now Dyeing Their Hair To Match The Colors In The Unicorn FrappuccinoYou can't go anywhere without seeing some sort of mention of Starbucks' wildly popular Unicorn Frappucino. And now, the craze has started to enter our hair salons.
Dallas Skyline and 'The Star' Honor Tony Romo with #9 DisplaysPhoto-worthy tributes to the Cowboys retiring quarterback. Beautiful!
New Neon Light Makeup Trend Is Incredibly Trippy And Looks Amazing!As makeup trends go, this has to be one of the coolest we've seen.
Here We Go Again! Is This Purse White Or Blue?She claims it's blue? What do you think?
Blue Ivy Got Into Beyoncé's Makeup And It's Adorable!
Wedgie Jeans Are A Real Thing Now! No Seriously, They Are!Why would you want a wedgie on purpose? This makes no sense to us?
We Talked To Justin From Blue October About His New Single "Home" And He Dropped A Bomb On Us!
You Have To See This Girls $48 Million Blue Diamond Ring! Did We Mention That She Is Seven?
There Was Something Different About Selena Gomez At The Victoria Secret Fashion Show!
BREAKING: Blue Bell Is Laying Off Over 1,400 Employees

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