This Shih Tzu Drives Around NYC In A Remote Control BMW!This is hilarious!
Man Protects BMW From Hurricane by Moving Into Living Room (Photos)I know two BMW owners who’d do the same under these circumstances. A Florida man drove the car into the house to protect it from the weekend hurricane. He clearly isn’t married!
Man Drives Car Into Water To Avoid SquirrelA squirrel in the road sends a BMW into a bay. Sounds like 50 Shades of Cray!
Daughter Lifts Car Off Dad; Gives CPR To Save His Life
The Brands You Buy And What They Say About Your Political AffiliationDemocrats and Republicans often clash over political ideology, but it also seems they can't agree on what popular brands to buy. According to a new report that recently appeared in the LA Times, Reps and Dems tend to prefer different restaurants, cars, insurance, and television channels. What do the brands you prefer say about you?

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