Texas Going To Have State Inspired Budweiser BottleBudweiser is dropping their new line of packaging, they will be “brewery-market inspired bottles and cans.” The bottles represent the 11 states where Budweiser is brewed.
Is Bob Saget The Woman On The Cholula Hot Sauce Bottle?Are Bob Saget, and the woman on the bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce one in the same?
Fan Throws Bottle at Bieber After He Admits He Doesn't Know the Words to 'Despacito'Bieber fans are ruthless!
Every Beer Lover Needs The Beer Holster!The days of "hold my beer" are over!
Man Uses Hawk And Mouse To Open Bottle Of Beer (Video)Not a whole lot is currently known about this man, only that he might have found the most....interesting way to open his bottle of beer.
Man Has His Junk Amputated After Having Freak Accident With A Bottle!This is crazy! Poor guy!
Canned Wine Is All The Rage! Will You Try It?Can you get behind this new trend?
The Teen That Flipped His Water Bottle At A Talent Show Just Sold It For $15,100
This Woman Chugged An Entire Bottle Of Cognac So She Didn't Have To Give It To Airport Security
Man Chugs Entire Bottle Of Wine In The Bathroom Then Shoves Sushi In His Pants
Woman Steals Liquor Bottle Puts It In Her "Lady Parts" In Front Of Her Son
Science Proves You Should Drink More Wine

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