Girl Finds Live Bugs Inside Shipment Of Kylie Jenner CosmeticsEm Venditte got a little more than she bargained for when she opened her newly received shipment of Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics.
Adele Taken To Stage In A Box So Fan's Don't Notice HerOn Adele's current tour, the stage is set up in the middle of arena floors, so there is really no dedicated backstage area right behind the stage; she performs entirely surrounded by the audience.
You Can Now Buy Fireball In A Massive BoxBecause, why not?
This Edible Pizza Box Is What Your Dreams Are Made Of!
This Pizza Box Turns Into A Pipe You Can Smoke Out Of!
Pizza Boxes Are Linked To Cancer And Birth Defects!Well this is scary, pizza boxes have been linked to cancer, and birth defects.
Prank Involving A Dropped Batch Of Battery-Powered Adult Toys Will Make You Laugh!
Could Pizza Hut Be Facing The Same Christmas Backlash Over Their New Box?Pizza Hut has apparently learned nothing from Starbucks. In light of the red cup scandal that's been brewing over the last few days, Pizza Hut is going ahead with their own holiday box.
Woman Mailed A Box Of Poop To Her Cheating Husband!
Lucky Charms Is Coming Out With A Marshmallow-Only Box!
You Will Never Believe What This Woman Found In Her Shoe Box From Amazon!
Seth Rogen Sounds Off On "American Sniper"

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