Girl Finds Live Bugs Inside Shipment Of Kylie Jenner CosmeticsEm Venditte got a little more than she bargained for when she opened her newly received shipment of Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics.
Man Sits Bare Butt On A Beehive For 30 Seconds To Win A Bet (Video)Jamie Grainger is a 27-year-old bee keeper from New Zealand.
You Could Be Eating 140,000 Pieces Of Bugs Each YearYUCK! It's possible for a person to ear nearly 140,000 bug parts every year!
Watch: Angelina Jolie Eat Scorpions, Crickets, And Spiders (Oh My!) In CambodiaAngelina Jolie opened up in an interview with the BBC, discussing her ongoing divorce with Brad Pitt and what life is like raising six children.
HUGE Swarm Of Bugs Picked Up On Radar Over Texas!
Bed Bugs Crawling On Man Clears CourtroomBed bugs crawling on a guy clears a courtroom. Today's Cray is creepy crawly!
Woman Finds Frog In Can Of Green BeansThere are things you really don't want to find in your food. One woman shares the amphibious surprise she found in a can of green beans.
Dallas Named 9th Worst City For Bed BugsDon't let the bed bugs bite!
Unexpected Places Where Germs Are LurkingYou come in contact with these items every day, but you'll never guess what's lurking on them.
Is Starbucks Dying Your Drinks With Bugs?

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