Man Dies During Doughnut Eating Challenge
The Cup Blowing Challenge Is Here To Once Again Prove We All Have Way Too Much Time On Our HandsGet ready for everyone in your office to attempt this latest online craze.
How Do You Go To The Bathroom In A Spacesuit?As human beings push beyond simply orbiting the Earth and trips to the moon, "going" is going to be an issue.
Stop Doing The Ice & Salt Challenge, It Can Cause FrostbiteIt's another episode of things you should never try!
The Salt And Ice Challenge Is The Latest Craze Back To Prove Teeangers Don't Think Things ThroughThe "Salt and Ice Challenge" is an internet craze that once again is sweeping the teenage world.
Football Team Does The #Mannequin Challenge In The Middle Of A GameThis seems a little over the top!
New Challenge Has People Trying To Censor Their Naked Bodies With A Single Finger!How did this become a thing?
Blac Chyna Did The Mannequin Challenge While In Labor!We haven't seen a birth mannequin challenge yet! This was a first!
Olivia Holt From The Disney Channel Did The #MannequinChallenge With Us Today!Olivia Holt did the Mannequin Challenge with us today!
This Texas Taco Challenge Is So Hard Only 5 People Have EVER Finished It!This taco challenge is INSANE! Only 5 people have ever finished it!
These Are The 10 Most Ridiculous Body Challenges Going Around Right Now
Want To Know If You're Skinny? There Is A New iPhone Challenge To Test If You Are or Not!These body shaming trends have got to stop!

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