People Upset That Microsoft Paint Will Be Removed After Latest Update; Microsoft Says It's Not Going AnywhereBored office workers across the world absolutley freaked out at the news that with Windows latest update, Microsoft Paint would be removed from everyone's PC. 
Nerdy Fathers' Day Photo Goes Viral with Computer HumorThis is pure genius!
Man Recreates The Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc." Using Floppy Disks And HDDs (Video)Sit down kids, we've got a lesson for ya. Back before there were flash drives or Dropbox, if we wanted to save a document on our computers we had to use things called "floppy disks."
U.S. Considering Banning Laptops On All Flights Into And Out Of The CountryU.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has indicated the U.S. is planning to "raise the bar" when it comes to protecting the country from potential security threats.
Half of High-Paying U.S. Jobs Now Require Computer CodingIt’s looking like the ability to read and write computer code is becoming nearly as important as the ability to read and write words in the English language.
Vine Of The Day: 07.26.14Is the plural form of a computer mouse "mice"?
Video: Check Out This (Fake, But Still Awesome) Star Wars Video! So Cool!This video was initially rumored to be "leaked" from he set of the new Star Wars's that good!
The Happy Hour Virus
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Computer Error MessagesComputer error messages, gas fireplaces, and cash only parking lots are just a few of the things we ain't got for this morning.
Content And Timing Affect Kids' Sleep
Do You Double Or Single?
Do You Have Toasted Skin Syndrome

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