McDonald's Manager Busted for Selling Drugs with Meals to Undercover CopsThe night manager has been accused of selling nearly $11K in drugs concealed in meal orders.
Get Pumped For Will Smith's New Fantasy Cop Netflix MovieOrcs, elves, and cops...
Woman's Halloween Display Has Her Neighbors Calling The Cops!What do you think about her decorations?
Local HOA Makes Family Take Down Their 'Back The Blue' Flag!Why would they make them take down their flag? This just seems wrong.
Creepy Clown With Black Balloons Is Wandering The Streets!What would you do if you ran into this guy on the street?
Naked Man Taunts NYPD Then Jumps Off Roof In Time Square (NSFW)Well, you don't see this everyday!
Toddler Pukes In The Car, Dad Freaks, Gets Breathalyzer From The Cops! We Can't Make This Up!This is the funniest story we have ever read
Country Star Zac Brown Busted With Cocaine And Strippers!
Is This the End of Police Cars as We Know Them?
This Fart Was So Bad A Woman Called The Cops! No Seriously, She Did!
Drunk Monkey With A Knife Harasses Restaurant Patrons!Can you imagine if a drunk monkey was harassing you at a restaurant.
Guy Tweets He Was Surrounded By The Frisco Police And They Tweet Right Back

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