An Actual Longhorn Spotted Riding Shotgun In An Old Police CruiserWhat the actual heck is going on here?
16.4 Million Americans Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown CowsThe National Dairy Council has found that a "worrying amount" of American adults have no idea where chocolate milk comes from.
Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Milk A Cow!This is hilarious!
Guy Accidently Buys A Cow Online After Taking Sleeping Pills!
Watch This Cow Cuddle With The Man That Saved Him From A Slaughterhouse!
"Kevin The Cow" Wanders Along HighwayWandering cow grazes along highway and manages to evade capture for 6 months.
Farmer Builds 800lb Cobra Sculpture Out Of Cow PooA Russian farmer got creative with cow pies and crafted a cobra to display in his Siberian village.
Cow Appreciation Day At Chick-Fil-A Means FREE FoodWant a FREE lunch today? Chick-Fil-A has freebies for patrons sporting cow patterns for Cow Appreciation Day.
Cow Escapes: Heads Straight To McDonald's
The Dog Ate My...
Leigh Ann's Bionic Nose

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